True Love Waits


I’ll wait for him.

Not because I have to.

No, it’s my commitment.

Good things come with sacrifices- this is mine and his too, I believe.

The kind of man who won’t try to win my heart,

because he understands that the one who has his heart took mine too.

He won’t have to fight for my heart,

cause he knows that the one constantly fighting for his, has got mine covered.

He won’t have to be my everything,

For the one who is in me is greater than the one who is in the world,

And he knows clearly that he can’t beat God at being omnipresent.

Who dreads that we would never fall in love,

And turn into a Sodom and Gomorrah- defiling every gift we have from Him.

He dreads that we would ever at any instance cheat on God;

Who preserved and brought us together.

A man who won’t desperately try to please me,

Till he forgets to please God, the great I Am;

For he comprehends that the one who made all things

(including his bride and the love they share)

Still deserves utmost, uttermost, upper most praise.

He’ll never pursue me,

Before he pursues the will of God.

For he knows that God has all the plans and strategies of my life,

And only He knows how to get in my heart, cause He’s already in.



Liz Mish Poetry

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