Do you wander in darkness,
Or linger towards the light?
So that you never get across-
You’re stuck within two walls.

He made me brave,
To open my eyes in darkness,
Said He would but save,
I had to quit the past with boldness.

He made me brave,
To peer through past my past.
Walked towards the next door
Scared, I swung it open.

A lovely sight it was,
The sight of ‘tomorrow’,
Left my past and locked that door.
Unsure of what was out there.

Tired of all the sins of old,
Dared to start a life with Him.
I had to read His ‘ book of rules’
That like Him I’d somehow be.

Like a babe I learnt to crawl,
Then slowly tried to walk,
Holding on to Him all the time-
Lest I fall and break a limb.

I was a big baby,
A dumb baby,
The kind that cry all the time,
Even when fed and soothed.

I don’t know how He still kept me,
Never abandoned me in a basket,
Outside another’s door,
He loved me anyway.

When He says He’s the light,
That in Him there’s no darkness,
What use is this candle I’ve been keeping?
I can’t afford to ever worry.

I still am growing,
Soon I can eat adult’s food,
I’ll give my bib to someone younger,
Once I learn to live His way.

All I do is study His Word,
Practice it day by day,
And teach it to the world,
He walked me out of my past.



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