It’s been a long while,

Since I was last myself,

I’ve been lost in this ‘person’,

I can hardly recognize.


I lost ‘me’ someplace in this place

Some time in the walks of life,

Somewhere on this earth we trod.

I once was someone, not anymore.


I’m now a scumbag,

The kind kids haul jeers at,

For my pants are often sagging,

When I forget to wear my belt.


My children are fatherless,

They call me “DAD”-

Distanced Absent Dude

I don’t blame them.


Help me find him,

An upright handsome man,

Walked with shoulders held high,

Who smiled a brilliant smile.


Memories of days exist-

Days I put a meal on the table,

Days my friends came to me-

For expertise and finances.


Days I was consulted,

Now I feel assaulted,

Devoid of all wisdom,

Once distinguished, now in anguish.


I’d say my wife married me,

I cannot fend my own self,

Worse still- I’m like another child,

Among the sons we’ve conceived.


Our story is no “happy-ever-after”

I’m sorry it’s one tragic affair,

I wonder how I’m still pointing fingers,

At all these father-figure failures.


Doctors wouldn’t blame it on drug abuse,

Counselors couldn’t find depressants,

I’m no psycho path, they know it.

Just a human displaced in his self.


Start my heart again,

Use defibrillators if need be.

I’m done watching it squeezed out-

The little juice that’s still in me.


I’m a broken machine,

Dumped in a rusty garage,

I know one who can fix me.

The hands that made me.