To: Daddy’s Favourite.

Dear daddy’s girl

I know you’re what I’m not

Or rather, cannot be

And I won’t try to be
Ever since you were two

You’d sit on daddy’s lap

He’d tickle you until you burst-

Into giggles and your ribs would hurt
I know you were not looking

As I stood beside you watching

I wanted that too and more

Too bad I couldn’t afford it
Remember how when I broke a mug

You ran and told on me to him

The worst day of my life it was

I make mistakes and so do you.
I’ve tried a thousand times over

To put a smile on his face

I scarcely get it right

Yet you don’t even have to try
My birthday gifts to him –

Always get a second-place

You may not know how hard I try

But somehow it turns out sour
I write to plead with you

So hear me out, I pray:

Let me be you for a day

Let me be daddy’s favourite.

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