Slay This Goliath


He’s either misplaced or in the wrong place-
For I hope he was but a passer-by,
Who heard the Word from across the street
Walked in to hear the rest of it
For that he must be, or-
Slay this Goliath!
Forgive my ill-mannered truthful mouth,
For calling him out rightly
I couldn’t understand how-
How a man with studs just sits in church
Look how tall he is-
Outta this world!
The worst part- he’s got studs!
Sunday school kids are watching-
They’re ogling with little round eyes
Staring longer than the rest of us-
Who are too ashamed to look twice or thrice
So whoever this man is-
Slay this Goliath!
Did he walk from a movie?
Or from one of those music videos-
The kind with ill-mannered bling-full men?
Oh I’m sorry, again, forgive my truthful mouthful
Whatever happened to setting a good example,
To believers, in speech, life, love, faith and purity.
Well, if your identity is mistakable-
For another worldly, say like a homo
What good will others see?
If we’re to be His (Christ) followers-
Then like Him we ought to be,
There’s no compromise, no contradict
So, shall we slay this Goliath?