Like A Two-year-old.

Teach me how to talk-

Impart me with new words,

Vocabulary from your dictionary.
Train me how to walk,

First this foot then the other-

That I might not stumble again.
Like a two-year-old,

Pick me up every time I fall,

And hold my hand for the rest of the walk.
Show me how to forgive and forget,

To hate for a second, then love for a day

To cry, then laugh at about the same time.
I want to run to you,

With arms widespread every time we meet,

To love everyday as you’ve loved me.
Like a two-year-old,

Feed me milk and mashed food,

Till I can take meat and cane.
I will sing you songs day by day,

Aloud and unashamed of who hears,

To please just you and no one else.
Point out the bad and the good,

That all my days I may hate the bad,

Let what grieves you grieve me too.
Like a two-year-old,

Hide me behind you when strangers come,

Be my shield, shelter, protector.
Dry the tears from my eyes,

Hold me in your lap, console,

When I’m in pain, weak and torn.
Train me how to sit still,

That I might not startle your peace,

Show me when to speak and hush.
Shut my mouth if you have to,

When I’m about to spread gossip,

Teach me your ways that I may walk in your path.

Give me a new name,

To define who I am,

For I know not, but you do.
Like a two-year-old,

Let me be a babe in wickedness,

Malnourished in the knowledge of the world.
I will call you Father,

I have not known another,

For it’s you I know, no other.