What’s Up with Moviemakers? 

Some movies make you feel like you’re in love;
Like this one: ‘The Holiday Movie’

So you have to fall in love with someone,

Even if that someone is yourself (if that’s a thing)

Is it right, really? Stirring up all these feelings,

Making you feel like a balloon (that’ll probably burst in the next few minutes)

What was the producer thinking? Or whoever the script writer(s) was!

I feel emotionally abused, I should remember that I’m not the happy girl,

Who falls in love with prince charming in the movie (not that it can’t happen 😉

But if you could look past the feelings for a while, past the large “love” banner,

You’ll see the sin in that scene:

They kissed before they knew each other!

She got laid before she got married to him!

What’s with all the kissing in front of all those people?

No-one wants to know if you’re in love or not!

So if she loves him, she doesn’t have to run off like that and leave the taxi driver unpaid.


You movie guys can’t fool me,

I see beyond your creative imagination,

You lie to me when you end your movie in a “happy ever after”

How do we know that they won’t die the moment they’re off the screen?

Or get bored of each other and get a divorce?

I love true love and all that sass, but please, spare my feelings I don’t need a heart wreck!
Inspired by: “The Holiday Movie”

Main chic: Cameron Diaz

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