Would you still choose me?

Does your heart beat for me?

What about the thought of me,

Does it stir up something in you?

And is the feeling still profound-

As was on the first day?

Would your mind go berserk,

If I said I loved you too-

Would it not, did the feeling die?

Are the things of old dead, past?

Do you still see them anymore?

Do they make sense anymore,

Or was it pure folly, forgotten?

The feeling wasn’t mutual,

It’s still not, I confess

If for goodness sake it were,

Would I not have confessed that very day!

Would not my heart be consumed,

As with a fire from within?

Would my lips be spared-

From singing the song I’ve never sang?

Certainly not, I suppose.

Certainly not!

I would gasp for air,

For I’m sure you’d take my breath-

Away, and blow my mind,

Away, so to lose my sanity,

Away, leaving me a girl naked-

Without shame of letting it show-

A love that betrays.

How I know this?

I certainly don’t know,

For this-my own making,

If reality stroke me I’d know well,

It would leave me helpless,

For true love is not a thing of darkness,

It’s light would sure glow

It’s a mystery mysterious in nature,

It’s mastery a thing untaught,

For I have witnessed it’s work,

Like a spell cast on a two-some,

That thrives up hill and down,

Covering multitude of faults, flaws

But until then I know not more,

I’d rather not try to either,

It’s a giant still sleeping

And I unsure of what it’s capable of,

Choose not to awaken love till it’s due.


We sat silently,
Beside the fireplace
Our eyes peering outside
Watching for shooting stars
Suddenly a little light in the sky
Started out as a spark,
Then grew bright as a fire
As a torch lit by the heavens
Behold, the Son born in a spotlight!
No man got such honor

For this the king felt unsettled
When news reached his doorstep
Sent shivers down his spine
He held fast to his throne
And sent his spies
He felt that the child ought to be killed!
The little child-now his rival
Heavens knew he had to live

The wise men left their comfort,
Journeyed on to Bethlehem
To see the new born king
With gifts on camels mounted
The compass pointed east
Where the saviour Lord was lain

His, was not a castle
For that He left in heaven above
Left the comfort of the golden streets
The comfort of the singing angels
For by design He chose a manger
He rested tender on the hay stack
His plan-to rest men from their burdens
Burdens on shoulders stacked like hay

The sheep did bleat a happy tune
As Mary kissed His little face
The face of the Son shining like the sun
We’ll adore as the shepherds did
For unto as a child is born,
Unto us a son is given
To whose kingdom there’s no end
Hallelujah to the new born King!
By whom we’re made new born kin.