Not Inside My Chambers.

She was waiting for a master
To rule her little kingdom
Rather, a wise man
To guide her all the way

She, like a castle abandoned,
Had a locked door and a secret passage
She had the key hid for so long
She trusted no one to go through her doors

Someday a lad showed up
His grooming quite impressive
She couldn’t withhold her joy
So she thought, “This could be it!”

Around the castle, they went
Her hand on his arm tightly glued
As they peered into every room
So that he learnt the castle by heart

So it was that she was joyed
Overjoyed rather, by his presence
And his sweet perfume
Till he made one last request

That she let him into the secret room-
The master’s chamber
She looked into his eyes
Saw a hint of deceit

For that she hated herself
For she almost let him in
So she pulled it together
Screamed, “Not inside my chambers.”

Move On!

You’ve been down this path,
You have cried, was torn, you wept,
You tried to fight it off,
Gave it your best but failed,
You almost gave up life,
Because it hurt you so,
Cause you couldn’t stand it,
You tried but couldn’t watch-
While she was holding him like that,
Her smile- now his alone,
You just wanted to die,
And I felt your pain,
But you can’t dwell there forever,
You’ve got to move along,
She’s happy and you deserve to be,
It’s about time you moved on.

I know you lost a loved one,
You’d take their place if you had to choose,
But life is sour grapes sometimes,
It bites like the cold of winter, you know,
And it hurt you so bad, I know,
Yet sometimes it still persists,
When the memories keep coming back,
It’s such a hard place to be,
When you can’t change a thing,
It’s like your heart has got a fire,
That burns you in the inside,
So you’re bitter with the world,
You never chose this path,
But you could choose to live life-
To love life, to smile now,
It’s about time you moved on.

Your heart’s down in the dumps,
You’ve been crying everyday,
Wishing someone could understand,
But it seems like it’s just you now,
You can drop the pain off here,
Cause life is quite a long ride,
Foresee the good times that lay ahead,
Though there be no promise in the wind,
Be brave, God will get you there,
So it’s about time that you moved on.
The cloud has finally lifted.


♥She Said Yes!♥😘

She was waiting
She was dreaming, while at it
She was trying too-
So much to look around
But sometimes she did quit
And looked heavenwards

She was waiting
And yeah, longing too
To finally meet him,
Get to know him, maybe even tell him-
That she’d been waiting for him
That she’d been dreaming about him
That she’d been intently looking
For a face template to compete her dreams
Such Lovely future dreams!

She was waiting
And singing while at it
Sang about the wait
The long but worthwhile wait
Wanna know what’s more?
She prayed about it!
She did-
Told Jesus about it all
God knows how many times she did
And yes, she said yes

She said yes!
After so many prayers for him
After so much trying to trust
And now she can’t believe it!
She’s left the ‘singles’ club
Flown out of it like a kite
So now she smiles
Just like she did before
Think and believe-
He did it for her
Answered her thousand prayers<3

For Jamie, with love♥