♥She Said Yes!♥😘

She was waiting
She was dreaming, while at it
She was trying too-
So much to look around
But sometimes she did quit
And looked heavenwards

She was waiting
And yeah, longing too
To finally meet him,
Get to know him, maybe even tell him-
That she’d been waiting for him
That she’d been dreaming about him
That she’d been intently looking
For a face template to compete her dreams
Such Lovely future dreams!

She was waiting
And singing while at it
Sang about the wait
The long but worthwhile wait
Wanna know what’s more?
She prayed about it!
She did-
Told Jesus about it all
God knows how many times she did
And yes, she said yes

She said yes!
After so many prayers for him
After so much trying to trust
And now she can’t believe it!
She’s left the ‘singles’ club
Flown out of it like a kite
So now she smiles
Just like she did before
Think and believe-
He did it for her
Answered her thousand prayers<3

For Jamie, with love♥

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