Not Inside My Chambers.

She was waiting for a master
To rule her little kingdom
Rather, a wise man
To guide her all the way

She, like a castle abandoned,
Had a locked door and a secret passage
She had the key hid for so long
She trusted no one to go through her doors

Someday a lad showed up
His grooming quite impressive
She couldn’t withhold her joy
So she thought, “This could be it!”

Around the castle, they went
Her hand on his arm tightly glued
As they peered into every room
So that he learnt the castle by heart

So it was that she was joyed
Overjoyed rather, by his presence
And his sweet perfume
Till he made one last request

That she let him into the secret room-
The master’s chamber
She looked into his eyes
Saw a hint of deceit

For that she hated herself
For she almost let him in
So she pulled it together
Screamed, “Not inside my chambers.”

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