STIRRINGS 1: Love Lorn?

Love lorn?
Not again and not by you!

There’s a lady living inside me,
Who waits patiently,
For love, true love
She waits while sitted on a chair,
As she rocks back and forth in it,
She used to knit while waiting-
Till recently,
When she put down her crotchets,
And rolled the wool ball neatly,
Because she thought she heard steps,
Of a lover approaching.

Not that she’s never had guests,
She has had quite a plenty-
Some of whom brought her roses and daisies,
And oh, such priceless gifts!
Amusing promises too,
If only she’d accept them,
But no she couldn’t,
For they unlike her, like her.
But right now she feels prepared,
The footsteps sound so sure,
She cracks her knuckles anxiously,
Wipes off the sweat in her palms.

She hears a knock, well-defined.
For this she anticipated.
Rises to her feet walks swiftly,
She almost trips on the mat,
The door swings open,
And he stands there abounding,
With nothing in his hands,
He looks at her eyes dazzling,
But how comes he has no flowers?
Why such disappointment?
Her heart’s prepared to be filled in,
Hers is a jar of love, overflowing,
A balloon bloated with love,
That’d burst any time it’s pricked.

She’s been here waiting,
To fill his jar with her love,
But he still has his hidden,
She couldn’t fill it up,
It’s out of sight yet in her mind,
He leaves so soon, it’s disappointing.
Leaves without a word,
Without a promise to return,
Leave alone to be there for her,
He leaves silently and leaves a silence.

Leaves a bliss of solitude,
A somewhat confused girl,
Who’s back on her chair,
Rocking it back and forth,
Staring into space,
With one hope-
That he returns, if not,
That the Lord might answer her,
For now she’s lacking,
A love that’s lurking,
Will it show itself,
Shall it come forth?
She implores her Lord.

15 thoughts on “STIRRINGS 1: Love Lorn?

  1. Woow…love your work Liz..
    May the Lord continue reveal himself in you…
    May He bless the work of your hands..
    You are a true inspiration to young people. Keep it up!
    All the best

    Liked by 1 person

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