This Book🔖


You know how when in search of know-how,
You some how end up with some ‘how? how?’
Questions that you don’t know how –
To answer…and,
Your brain is triggered
Your memory quickened
Your mind pages thoroughly scanned
Nought answers are retrieved.
And you, disappointed,
Will perhaps liaise with a library,
Or Google for the contemporary,
A scholarly momentary.

Well, some books are good,
It may be a story so crude,
With an antagonist quite rude
Who’s actions startle your mood.
The book becomes your food.
Sad thing is,
A book might be judged by its genesis
While its terminus… ellipses
Is the light at the end of the tunnel
A tunnel in a way is like a funnel
Its a narrow channel
Not everyone gets to the end.

Think about it-
What you forfeit,
When you refute to wait
For that analogous light
At the close of that tunnel site
Think about this too,
The little sorrow,
That leaves you so low,
Rather lonely and solo,
When you can’t follow
A story so shallow
Plain and predictable
Seemingly uncomfortable
Pure boredom, so miserable
Zero thrills
No chills
And you left with no choice
With a loud noise
Will drop the book for it can’t suffice
But they say it’s never a loss,
Since every book has a course
Though it be about moss
Or how to floss
Even full of flaws
Keep it close
Let your mind take a walk
This book can talk
Listen keen don’t shut it off.

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