The Seductress.

She comes your way disguised,
Entices you with sweet words,
With sweet nothings lures you,
That you might lie with her.

She’ll give you thrills and chills,
Going to all extents-
Will try to catch you in her snare,
And she knows that she must win.

You don’t come prepared-
She’ll overpower you,
She’ll bring you under,
You won’t know till you’ve fallen.

So it is with her nail tips,
And fingers polished in gold,
That she’ll touch your skin,
Reach your soul and heart.

She’ll strip you of your glory,
Of integrity and uprightness,
And hold it up in victory,
Then let out an evil laugh.

With an intoxicating drink,
She’ll steal your conscience, sanity.
So that you can’t resist her,
You’ll want to succumb.

Then she’ll rob you,
Of things tangible and intangible,
Of things visible and things unseen,
And you will hate yourself.

So in self pity, you’ll submerge,
And in regret find no solace,
Then you’ll understand-
She’s no friend, she’s a thief!

You’ll be in her wall of fame,
And in her prisoner’s net,
Snared and ensnared in a dungeon,
Escape her grip when you can.


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