Called Her Out!πŸ“’


There once was a guy,
Short, slim and sassy,
His name, Sammie.
Now this story of Sam,
Is about him and his girl,
And how they fell apart.

Sammie loved,
Sammie cared,
Sammie wrote her notes,
Then Sammie got slapped-
She slapped him with excuses,
Of why she couldn’t be there,
Of when she couldn’t be there,
Of whom she’d be with instead,
Because she was tied, busy, and occupied.

So Sammie tried harder,
Loved harder,
Cared harder,
Wrote her deeper notes,
Then he got slapped again-
By a door she slammed shut on his face,
And Sammie stopped…
At the door of course.

And when he sat down to think,
Because that he did,
He thought about her,
Then he wanted to stop,
But his every next stop was her,
And he couldn’t tell her,
Because it would be stupid
To talk to her and get hurt, again.
So Sammie knew what to do,
Wait for it…

Sammie smiled.
He called her,
So he could call her out!
And he knew what to say,
He knew what not to say.
He called her out:
“See, I don’t follow you cause I’m confused,
You’re special and you are unique,
I know for once we were connected,
And that’s the special thing I’ve always looked for,
You don’t seem to understand,
That you need me as much as I, you,
But if you beg to leave,
I’ll let you go,
But know we’ll stop being connected,
And you can always choose another.
But before you go,
Know that should stop:
Stop keeping to yourself,
Stop running from the truth,
Stop hurting those who care,
And stop acting like there wasn’t something…”

And when he was done,
He hang up,
Sammie called her out,
He had to,
You too would,
And now he’s not alone.


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