Be Calm, Become.

I once thought to myself:
“Never take advantage of someone,
Even babies grow up.”
Because naivety is a thing abused,
Again I thought:
“If you want a good life,
Shake hands with everyone.”
Because enmity makes life sour,
For this one I was wrong.
I now think to myself:
“Don’t let society own you,
For who they have defined you to be.”
Because you can choose the person you become.

BECOMING is like a search,
That goes on and on,
A search for one’s true self,
A scanning for choicest identity,
A treasure hunt on an undiscovered island,
With such creatures as you have never seen,
Or think of it as a closet search,
For an outfit that befits your very mood.

Everyone can change,
And everything changes,
An unruly child may forsake his ways,
And a vicious creature be tamed,
(Tamed as the Shrew in Shakespeare’s tale),
A free spirit can be a spirit so good,
Yet could also choose to haunt and taunt.
And this I now think:
That society shouldn’t define us too soon,
It could wait- be calm as we become,
Save up those comments in a box,
Lock it away till time is ripe,
Till we can all see in broad daylight-
What we have become after all.

Everything changes,
Even I get amused at this,
With a mind growing inclined at an angle,
Towards a direction that it so pleases,
Sometimes skewed, sometimes not.
We are all becoming,
“What?” You ask.
Even I can’t tell.
Everything changes cause it can.


Wanna Be A Hero?

Do you want to save the day?
Do you want to be a hero?
Do you want to make her smile?
And feel that she’s been loved?
You can be a hero,
Though no one said you had to.
No one waits to award you.
But you can be one all the same.

You can be a hero.
Though it leaves you with an open door.
Though it breaks a part of you that was strong.
Though it pushes you to the cliff edge,
Where falling can be your next ride.
Though it makes you lose your hard-earned sobriety.
Though it leaves you feeling lesser a being.

You can be a hero.
You can make a whole show.
You can make her smile and feel loved.
But isn’t the price too high?
To leave a once-closed door forever open,
To take its keys and throw into a thick bush?
To awaken a sleeping past that had left you alone.
To let go a little bit too fast?

You can be a hero,
But the price is too high,
You can choose to be priceless not a priced gift.