Take a walk!”
(But it’s late at night)
(Okay, I will!)

Flip flap flip flap,
Slippers hit the ground,
I take a walk into the dark.

I quiet my soul,
The horrid dark!

The master pats my back,
His tongue slithers close to my ear,
“I want her too, you know what to do”.

Bumping into her,
She jumps back in fright,
I hate this job!
She calls for help,
Not yelling,
But weeping,
She cries-
“Lord Jesus, sweet Jesus”
I’m shook,
The master shuts my mind door,
Locks my heart door,
I regain my strength,
“Drag her to hell!”
Yet I know the one going there is me-
It’s this face behind a mask.

“Good job, good job,
We’ll spare your old man”
Walking out,
I hear a voice-
A sure voice of assurance,
“Come child, come to me.”

(Oh huuhuu aahaha aha)
Tears roll down as I weep profusely,
I cry inconsolably,
Brokenness sweeps over me,
I just cannot refrain,
(I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,
I deserve death!
Send me now to Hades!)

I run,
I trip and fall,
Fall prostrate on the ground,
I look up and there He is,
He comes to save,
He quiets my storm,
My enemy cannot,
Shall not harm,

The Master cleanses me,
I feel new again,
Tears wiped off,
I do not want to leave,
Let me stay a while longer,
My shackles break loose,
I can walk, I walk free,
I quiet my soul,
The Master dethroned my master.

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