Livin’ it Right.


It’s a depressant- this life
A walk going on and on,
We don’t realize when our shoes beat up,
It’s an expedition,
A wildebeest migration,
Only the strong or lucky make it,
It may seem like a bus ride,
On a bumpy road,
With bits of steep ups and downs,
Where we go up real slow,
Holding on for life’s dear sake
Uncertain if we’ll get there,
Will we fall back rolling?
Because we couldn’t make it?

The little ones feel it too,
The pressure to attain,
The hard drive to be great,
To run a maze,
Find a way out,
To be known for something,
So they end up trying everything,
Some of them gave up already,
Can’t you see it?
They just sitting,
Chilling for whatever,
Holding a lit cigar,
A bottle of something,
With eyes fixed on a screen,
What should scare them doesn’t,
Not anymore,
Not since they got used to.

“You’ll remember me”,
Or so I tell myself-
“A walking monument,
A painting come to life,
A marvellous scenery,
With a chest arty,
Shoulders bulging wide,
A Goliath,
With a Jezebel,
I’ll make it to the news,
And your history books.”

I was blind,
All along lost,
Thought the world a lie,
But the only lier was me,
Said I could make it,
Get through life on my own,
By my own wit and strength,
But look how far I got,
Not far at all.

They say a wrong is two strokes,
I have made many wrongs,
For I carried crosses,
Till I met The Light,
The only one who right my wrongs.
He came to me first,
When I was busy sending hate,
Calling out my “haters”,
Giving negative vibes,
He saw my heart-
A rebel on the outside,
A cripple in the inside,
He nursed my wounds,
Said I didn’t have to be strong,
Didn’t even have to fight,
And I was there feeling stupid,
Hiding my face,
Crying over days lost,
Lamenting over this person I was,
That lost soul.

He said I could start over,
I could live right in light,
I could make it right.
And like in a dream,
Or a blurry vision-
I looked at Him and saw hope,
For as long as I’m looking up,
There is hope.

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