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I want you Lord,
To be near me,
I know you art near,
If only that’d sink in me.

I want to know,
Daily to be led by you,
You are the way,
I need you.

There are days like this,
When I’m not sure if I’m walking with Him,
Your sent helper – the Holy Spirit,
But I keep trusting that He’s in me.

I need you Lord,
To remind me what’s important,
It looks like I’ve been all about trusting you,
I have slumbered at your feet.

I want to know,
If I did become comfortable,
Cause I’m not sure what I’m doing,
In case I’m asleep, startle me.

I want you Lord,
More than I want a friend,
More than I desire a human,
I desire you evermore.

I am here singing songs to you,
Songs about you,
Songs you put in hearts of saints,
But this too doesn’t satisfy, only you.

I desire you Lord,
Jesus if you could speak,
Do it like you always do, Lord,
Let me know what’s required of me.

Jesus I am weak,
Please be strength to me,
Jesus I am but a man,
A shadow in a campfire.

I want you Lord,
Speaking every moment,
For this reason I’m toning down,
So I can hear your messages.

Surely you are not far from me,
You are showing me the way,
Help me see and comprehend,
Open my heart and my mind.

I will be here Lord,
Reading your Word and listening,
Don’t leave me I plead,
I’m a stubborn one but please stay.

7 thoughts on “I NEED YOU.

  1. It’s both soul refreshing and empowering to see someone admit their vulnerability. I’ve learnt from Psalm 23 that after every Surely, there is Goodness and Mercy. He is with you, Always. From eternity to eternity.

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  2. Inspired piece, gets me thinking of how we get consumed in the things of the world we lose our identity in Christ. May He startle us from our slumber!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘.

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