🌌This Frail Body.🌌

This frail body wants,
This frail body wants something,
To pick a gift before it’s given,
Unwrap it before it’s time.

This sick body rests,
This sick body rests never,
Even when you think it’s rested,
In restlessness picks its want.

This needy body calls,
This needy body calls out,
When dry it calls for rain,
And while it rains will motion sun,
Till it gets a piece of each,
But never has enough.

This quiet body rages,
This quiet body rages inside,
With outer disposition of calm waters,
But turbulent seas inside.

This frail body troubles,
This frail body troubles me,
Going ahead of me too fast,
Taking forbidden fruit,

And when my eyes are open,
Shame and guilt again.