You Didn’t, You Should’ve!

Innocent love is beautiful,
The smiling and kindness,
How easy it is to forgive,
With patience at its peak,
You do not even have to try,
You are always nice at first,
And you do not get to worry about yourself,
For you become selfless for a while.

But what do you do?
When you let in someone you should not have?
When you give them a free ticket to your life,
So now since they have it already,
You stand there with your hands tied,
And watch them hover around,
Asking questions about you,
Fetching information from you,
More easily than you imagined.

How do you tell them?
That there is something they do not know,
Something they have been missing all along,
A detail that could keep them off.
How do you tell them,
That they can only come so far,
That they have to leave before he is back,
That this heart has already been taken?

You see them smile white and bright,
Will you throw a shade of dark truth?
Will you hide the moon on a dark night?
Will you quench the wick before it glows?
What do you do?

When you should have stopped them, you did not.
When you could have told them, you did not.
When you had time to paint your life in its entirety, you did not.
Now you have to live with it,
The heavy blur of confusion,
For when you could clear out the air, you did not.