Back To This Spot.


I’ve been running,
I’ve been running fast.
Since I saw you,
Since I saw you off.
It’s been breezy,
Such a breezy run.
Why did you stop?
Why did you stop me now?

You just did it,
You just did it again,
Poking at my scars,
Picking at my flaky scars.
What do you want?
What do you want from me?
You should just say it,
You should speak out now.
Clock arms are clicking,
Clock arms click away.

I’ve been running,
I’ve been running away,
But you’ve made me stop,
I’m back to this spot.
What are you holding?
What are you holding back?
It’s costing me time,
It’s costing me run off time.
While I want to be free,
Don’t take my free away.

Sixteen <3

You said:

“It’s been sixteen since I last saw you,

Sixteen since I set my eyes on yours.”

Yet for every hour you counted,

Keeping track as time slipped away,

For every hour you texted in,

Or called in,

Or popped up in dreams,

For every one you were here,

In mind, at heart,

In soul, in roaming thoughts,

Because when you love,

It touches me,

Yours has hands,

That touch not my bosom,

But reach to heart bottom,

And I feel better,

Better than better,

Really I’m okay.


I’m fond of you,

In fact I think you’re fondness,

Because in you I find my crave.


Once I did say,

That my kind of love,

Was a choice,

I promised never,

To settle for lesser,

And look!

I found such a one,

Rather such a one did-

Find my dusty soul,

With cotton white wipe it,

And I feel prettier now,

Everyday he calls me queen,

And compliments my kicks,

It makes my heart kick,

As it reaps for joy.