(I used to write poetry, I still do.)

You are a rare gem,
A precious one at that,
Strong as a diamond,
Truly unbreakable,
You have become my strength,
Close friend and confidant,
The reason why I smile so oft,
Why my cheeks are turning red.

Every time you sing to me,
You make my heart beat fast,
My tears just about roll down,
But blend into a smile.
The wall I’d built up high,
Is slowly crumbling down,
Cause I can be myself,
Unveil to you my flaws.

You snog so affectionately,
I can feel your heart race,
And as I breath your air,
I want to stay some more,
Just then you draw me in,
Pressed in against your chest,
At last I feel at home!

I love you to my brim,
I’m happy to have you,
When’er you look at me,
I think, “How blessed I am”!

February, 2020

The Boy I Love

(Here’s my #TBT)

I have a problem with the boy I love,
It’s a problem related to love,
Infact, my problem is love.
See, at first I couldn’t understand,
But now I do, it’s clear as glass.

Now if you’ve read my work,
You’ll know that I can love,
For mine was a jar of love- overflowing,
Ready to fill in his.

Now the boy I love loves too,
But I bet I love slightly more,
So it’s true he cares about me,
And I tend to overcare and worry about him.

Look here, I’ve been giving a little som’more,
Expecting that he too will,
Turns out it’s all in my mind,
Because he’s not thinking of that.

Mama Never Told Me


Mama told me to smile,
In the face of the good,
Of the bad,
Of the ugly.

She said, “Keep an open heart”
Love baby, love like Jesus,
In good times,
In hard times.

Mama never told me,
That love is hard to give,
In the rain,
And in the shine,

You don’t always get back,
All the love you gave up,
Not in March,
Nor December,

Mama will you tell me,
How much more one has to give?
Or shall I stop?
Shall I never stop?