(I used to write poetry, I still do.)

You are a rare gem,
A precious one at that,
Strong as a diamond,
Truly unbreakable,
You have become my strength,
Close friend and confidant,
The reason why I smile so oft,
Why my cheeks are turning red.

Every time you sing to me,
You make my heart beat fast,
My tears just about roll down,
But blend into a smile.
The wall I’d built up high,
Is slowly crumbling down,
Cause I can be myself,
Unveil to you my flaws.

You snog so affectionately,
I can feel your heart race,
And as I breath your air,
I want to stay some more,
Just then you draw me in,
Pressed in against your chest,
At last I feel at home!

I love you to my brim,
I’m happy to have you,
When’er you look at me,
I think, “How blessed I am”!

February, 2020

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