Fighter Girl


She stays awake at night,
Fighting off sleep,
But it’s not sleep she’s fighting,
It’s all her demons,
And those cold blooded spirits
That have threatened to take her out,
They have often frozen her,
Crumpled her body together,
Stiffened her entire frame,
Caused her heart to beat fast,
As though it were trying to run.
They have abandoned her,
Like a cold stone sculpture,
Shaking under tumultuous attacks
Weak as a sick dame
From all the troubling.

But tonight she almost won,
She kept her eyes open,
Blazed her torch in the darkness,
Whenever she felt it coming,
She let her little light shine,
Her eyes wide open,
Tonight she almost won this war,
But sleep threatened to take her,
And so did the demon,
He strangled her again,
Stiffened her thin weak frame,
And she screamed my name out,
I got there and it was already too late,
For it already paralyzed her,
To speechlessness,
Her heart was racing,
Her eyes were faint,
Her arms were weak,
And when she regained sanity,
She asked only for a kiss.
And her body shook slightly.
As her eyes opened up again,
And she said she couldn’t sleep alone.
But let’s not forget
She fought the whole night,
Tried to get away,
And she almost did win,
For it was three when it snatched her
Right before the crack of dawn,
Before the dark of night disappeared,
I pray she overcomes,
That one day,
Her Lord will rescue her.


2 thoughts on “Fighter Girl

  1. So relatable!! Don’t we all struggle to stay alive, filled with anxiety, hoping for a little relief…people say people who are depressed are weak…but I think they are the strongest of all of us…they have the courage to get up every morning despite how they feel…I love this piece!! It’s ๐Ÿ”ฅ ๐Ÿ”ฅ

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