Sixteen <3

You said:

“It’s been sixteen since I last saw you,

Sixteen since I set my eyes on yours.”

Yet for every hour you counted,

Keeping track as time slipped away,

For every hour you texted in,

Or called in,

Or popped up in dreams,

For every one you were here,

In mind, at heart,

In soul, in roaming thoughts,

Because when you love,

It touches me,

Yours has hands,

That touch not my bosom,

But reach to heart bottom,

And I feel better,

Better than better,

Really I’m okay.


I’m fond of you,

In fact I think you’re fondness,

Because in you I find my crave.


Once I did say,

That my kind of love,

Was a choice,

I promised never,

To settle for lesser,

And look!

I found such a one,

Rather such a one did-

Find my dusty soul,

With cotton white wipe it,

And I feel prettier now,

Everyday he calls me queen,

And compliments my kicks,

It makes my heart kick,

As it reaps for joy.




I knew from the very start
You were an arrow different from the quiver
The tip a deadly sharpened point
So that no one ever came close
I sat and watched in silence
As the world passed me by
When I stared into your eyes
And found you staring right back
I wondered just how far I’d fall
If I ever tried to fly to you
From the first words you ever said to me
I was already craving for more
I watched you with such interest
And made myself a bow
We had our own infinity
In a crammed space of time
Apart we had both been useless
But we finally knew why
You needed someone to pull you
If you ever wanted to fly
So I aimed with precision
And you flew right from the start
Until you landed with a loud thud
On the target of my heart
I hope you like the choice you made
Because I know I like mine
I don’t know how to hide the ocean underneath my skin
No one ever told me in love you drown
Because you don’t bore me with “I love you” a lot
You excite me with “Don’t worry
I’m always going to be here for you”

By Ken Mrima

Find a Good Life.

Spend time with Happiness,
Sit and share with Kindness,
Sometimes take a walk with Joy,
And go on a date with Love,
Play a game with Laughter,
Then sing a song with Truth,
And you will see Honesty right there,
Let your every stop be Love,
Your every move be Peace,
Your secret spice Forbearance,
And you will find a good life.

You Didn’t, You Should’ve!

Innocent love is beautiful,
The smiling and kindness,
How easy it is to forgive,
With patience at its peak,
You do not even have to try,
You are always nice at first,
And you do not get to worry about yourself,
For you become selfless for a while.

But what do you do?
When you let in someone you should not have?
When you give them a free ticket to your life,
So now since they have it already,
You stand there with your hands tied,
And watch them hover around,
Asking questions about you,
Fetching information from you,
More easily than you imagined.

How do you tell them?
That there is something they do not know,
Something they have been missing all along,
A detail that could keep them off.
How do you tell them,
That they can only come so far,
That they have to leave before he is back,
That this heart has already been taken?

You see them smile white and bright,
Will you throw a shade of dark truth?
Will you hide the moon on a dark night?
Will you quench the wick before it glows?
What do you do?

When you should have stopped them, you did not.
When you could have told them, you did not.
When you had time to paint your life in its entirety, you did not.
Now you have to live with it,
The heavy blur of confusion,
For when you could clear out the air, you did not.

Gone Bird.

Once I had a little bird,
A lovely beautiful bird,
That sang me such lovely song,
So sweet it healed my wounded heart,
With time my ears would tire,
Of music from my parrot,
So I sent her away, “off you go!”
“Away with you, Chicoreco!”,
But every time she’d come back,
To sing me all over again,
For this was all she could do for me,
One cold Saturday evening,
I sent her away again,
My ears had had enough,
And She, a timid thing, obliged,
She left but never came back,
Everyday I leave my window open,
Hoping that she’ll come home,
My heart longs to be healed,
Deep within I crave for her song.

I Lose You Too Soon.


Just when I start to get excited,
I lose you all over again,
So when I’m feeling a little bubble of joy,
Rising up through my aorta,
I want to burst it right away,
Cause I don’t want to lose you just yet,
So I’d rather sacrifice this ecstasy,
For a high spirited me.

Don’t Hold Me.

I see you hold her hand,
Then grasp her waist, she smiles.
Then peck her on the cheek.
You whisper something into her ear,
And even I am alurred.

But if your hand on mine yields sin,
If your arm around my waist stirs up lust,
If that peck violates my faith,
And your whisper deafens my heed to God,
Then I forfeit those ‘favours’.

If your holding me has a hold on me,
A hold of guilt that never leaves,
Then don’t hold me I plead.
Do not excite my flesh please,
For I’d rather have a needy flesh,
Than throw my soul to hell.
For trading light for darkness.♥

Never Forget This


If we ever part ways,
If we ever come to a halt,
I ask of you one thing-
That you always remember this:
I was true,
And all my words I thought them through,
I meant each of them,
Even when I was angry,
When I doubted you,
It was only cause I wanted to know,
If your love was alive as mine.
Never forget this-
That I always thought of you,
At sunrise and sunset,
Of your hearty laugh,
And familiar gait,
Of a head held high,
Feet buried in boots,
And always your wide smile,
Which ran across your face-
Leaving curves that I could draw.

I hope you will remember,
The person you saw in me,
Was I not alive and lit?
Was I not at hand in need?
Was I a shadow in your dreams?
Or was I real as I now am?
Never forget that girl,
For she was the one you fell for.
She, the little mess you chose,
To mess up your messed up life,
And somewhere in those messes,
A perfect mess evolved,
One we both chose to tend for.

Never forget this too,
That you made me smile for no reason,
And to somehow lose myself,
To drop my guard so low that it scared me,
Till I was uncertain that I was myself,
But you do not know me without you,
You knew not of the locked up heart,
But somehow you unlatched that door,
And let the dove fly out of its cage,
Do not forget you did that,
Never do.