Jonah’s Tree

In this journey called life, Missing a turn has brought many strife,
Things would be different; if we’d live more in the moment
As God’s grace is enough, even when our will supercedes His
I’d appreciate the plant like Jonah, enjoy the good while it lasts

When your steps are slagged, do not lose your spark
He gives rest, Just as He provided a shade for Jonah
His love is always up, and it’s burn as intense as the sun
Even when from purpose we run, He will quench our thirst

When you get a win, live a life that is full of praise
Keep your eyes on the prize, you might just get a raise
But be careful lest you settle, a worm might be sent
Just like one was for Jonah, and the tree that grew just fell


By Moses Waihura


I knew from the very start
You were an arrow different from the quiver
The tip a deadly sharpened point
So that no one ever came close
I sat and watched in silence
As the world passed me by
When I stared into your eyes
And found you staring right back
I wondered just how far I’d fall
If I ever tried to fly to you
From the first words you ever said to me
I was already craving for more
I watched you with such interest
And made myself a bow
We had our own infinity
In a crammed space of time
Apart we had both been useless
But we finally knew why
You needed someone to pull you
If you ever wanted to fly
So I aimed with precision
And you flew right from the start
Until you landed with a loud thud
On the target of my heart
I hope you like the choice you made
Because I know I like mine
I don’t know how to hide the ocean underneath my skin
No one ever told me in love you drown
Because you don’t bore me with “I love you” a lot
You excite me with “Don’t worry
I’m always going to be here for you”

By Ken Mrima

This is not a bad person – Just Drained

The eerie silence feels painful to my ears. I am lying awake on my bed, exhausted but restless. I can feel the transformation in my bones. The tag of war has become vicious and the zombie within is winning.
I wake up early every morning and drag myself to the same routine. Before my eyes are fully open, it’s dark again. The daily spice no longer tastes good to my tongue.
Madam comes in at work and starts issuing commands.
“Do this and drop the attitude,” she says.
Clients come in and roll their eyes at me. Mine are heavy and I cannot lift them high enough to roll back. I want to thank them and ask them to come again, but my throat feels patchy. So I manage to mumble a dry cough. The client sneers and walks away.

I want someone to appreciate me for once,
See the work that I am doing as enough,
I want to lie on the couch tomorrow,
And binge on my favorite show,

And when my left side is sour,
I want to turn to the other one like a door,
Unless the whole village lights on fire,
Let no one move me even if it’s dire.

I want to have peace of mind,
To have no one else nag,
I know I’m not the 19 year old girl working overseas,
Or the neighbor’s son who became a doctor.

So let me sleep in peace,
When I get up I’ll write a story,
Maybe pick up a book and savor it slowly

Try this and trust,
Tomorrow I’ll have nowhere to hide my smile,
My eyes shall glitter at your arrival,
You shall call out and I shall indeed be glad to come.

©Cera Moon | Wisdom of Living Blog

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