Today I am a cloud,

sitting on the air,

in my white balloon dress,

which I prefer than grey.

Iโ€™m drifting to the west,

away from rising sun,

wind seems a bit too happy,

heโ€™s blowing me away-

Pushing me right,

then pushing me left,

pushing me left of right,

then pushing me right of left,

For sure am torn apart,

by all this fidgeting.

And in this sunless- cold,

I feel a bit alone.

In the midst of this expanse

Itโ€™s solitude I feel.

Am but a little cloud,

standing above a hill,

sadness turns me grey,

And I start tearing down.



Once upon a time,

Before you came to be,

You were merely one-

You were two.

You were ‘strangers in love’,

Or so I like to think,

They might unfamiliar be,

Or a family.

You raced for life’s dear sake,

Before you had a fit pair-

A fit pair of feet

Even with a tail- You did not tail

The marathon was packed

There were no given rules

No fair play after ‘the play’

But you won still.

You were small,

You were weak,

You ran that race,

You won the race.

Let that race define you,

Here is your medal!

From the very beginning,

You were a conquistador.


Her Hair Is A Forest

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Her hair is a forest,
like the decorated Congo.
Its roots are deep and strong,
it has highlights on its tips.
Its thick like a Savannah,
and it’s darkened like the night.
It emulates a fur ball
once you smoother it with oil.

It doesn’t much resemble
all the silky heads I’ve seen,
It tangles like a sheep’s wool,
on its olive-scented scalp.
Its curls are like cold noodles,
and it’s bun is very messy –
at times I think her hair’s
no common hair at all.



(I used to write poetry, I still do.)

You are a rare gem,
A precious one at that,
Strong as a diamond,
Truly unbreakable,
You have become my strength,
Close friend and confidant,
The reason why I smile so oft,
Why my cheeks are turning red.

Every time you sing to me,
You make my heart beat fast,
My tears just about roll down,
But blend into a smile.
The wall I’d built up high,
Is slowly crumbling down,
Cause I can be myself,
Unveil to you my flaws.

You snog so affectionately,
I can feel your heart race,
And as I breath your air,
I want to stay some more,
Just then you draw me in,
Pressed in against your chest,
At last I feel at home!

I love you to my brim,
I’m happy to have you,
When’er you look at me,
I think, “How blessed I am”!

February, 2020

Find a Good Life.

Spend time with Happiness,
Sit and share with Kindness,
Sometimes take a walk with Joy,
And go on a date with Love,
Play a game with Laughter,
Then sing a song with Truth,
And you will see Honesty right there,
Let your every stop be Love,
Your every move be Peace,
Your secret spice Forbearance,
And you will find a good life.

Called Her Out!๐Ÿ“ข


There once was a guy,
Short, slim and sassy,
His name, Sammie.
Now this story of Sam,
Is about him and his girl,
And how they fell apart.

Sammie loved,
Sammie cared,
Sammie wrote her notes,
Then Sammie got slapped-
She slapped him with excuses,
Of why she couldn’t be there,
Of when she couldn’t be there,
Of whom she’d be with instead,
Because she was tied, busy, and occupied.

So Sammie tried harder,
Loved harder,
Cared harder,
Wrote her deeper notes,
Then he got slapped again-
By a door she slammed shut on his face,
And Sammie stopped…
At the door of course.

And when he sat down to think,
Because that he did,
He thought about her,
Then he wanted to stop,
But his every next stop was her,
And he couldn’t tell her,
Because it would be stupid
To talk to her and get hurt, again.
So Sammie knew what to do,
Wait for it…

Sammie smiled.
He called her,
So he could call her out!
And he knew what to say,
He knew what not to say.
He called her out:
“See, I don’t follow you cause I’m confused,
You’re special and you are unique,
I know for once we were connected,
And that’s the special thing I’ve always looked for,
You don’t seem to understand,
That you need me as much as I, you,
But if you beg to leave,
I’ll let you go,
But know we’ll stop being connected,
And you can always choose another.
But before you go,
Know that should stop:
Stop keeping to yourself,
Stop running from the truth,
Stop hurting those who care,
And stop acting like there wasn’t something…”

And when he was done,
He hang up,
Sammie called her out,
He had to,
You too would,
And now he’s not alone.




Let’s go to the movies,
Let’s go to the dark hall,
The empty hall with empty seats,
Enough for you and me to fit,
Let’s sit at the back row,
View this new world from up high,
Stare into the big screen,
And for once forget our lives,
Let’s lie to our brain cells,
Let’s lie to our senses,
Let’s deceive our bodies,
That we are falling from the sky,
We can hold hands when it gets scary,
Let’s stare in together,
And watch the falling stars,
We can’t afford to stop looking,
Cause you don’t know when it gets closer,
Close enough to reach out to,
Let’s go to the movies,
Let’s take this escape route,
And maybe we’ll be rescued.


Don โ€™t let me in,
For Iโ€™d rather you lock me out,
Loudly bang the door,
For if I come in,
Iโ€™ll stay,
Yes, if I come in,
Iโ€™ll stay.

Let me stay in the rain,
Let hailstones hit me hard,
Till Iโ€™m wet and sick,
For I might then decide to leave,
For if you let me in,
Iโ€™ll stay,
Yes, if I come in,
Iโ€™ll stay.

Let your dog called Mark bark,
Let him chase me off,
For if he bites Iโ€™ll get a jab,
But if you let me in,
Know Iโ€™ll stay,
Yes, if I come in,
Iโ€™ll stay.

Donโ€™t be afraid to-
Donโ€™t pity my sweet sob,
Donโ€™t forsake your watchdog task,
Donโ€™t let me in,
For if you let me in,
Iโ€™ll stay,
Yes, if I come in,
Iโ€™ll stay.

Know better please,
Than to let me in then out,
For I hate leaving,
I hate goodbyes,
I hate moving out,
And setting off,
All sombre and lovelorn,
So please,
For this piece,
Give me some peace,
Donโ€™t let me in.


The Buffalo Song.

Walking down the buffalo’s trail
I see tracks, and scats, and prints
But I just can’t see the buffalo
Where could he be?
What if he comes charging angrily
Because I’m in his territory
There’s no telling what he’ll do to me
Perhaps I’m dead meat!
A voice: hurry on chap you better hurry up
Hold your breath lest he feels your fear
Don’t let your fright limit your survival
You can make it out in one piece.

Whatโ€™s Up with Moviemakers?ย 

Some movies make you feel like youโ€™re in love;
Like this one: โ€˜The Holiday Movieโ€™

So you have to fall in love with someone,

Even if that someone is yourself (if thatโ€™s a thing)

Is it right, really? Stirring up all these feelings,

Making you feel like a balloon (thatโ€™ll probably burst in the next few minutes)

What was the producer thinking? Or whoever the script writer(s) was!

I feel emotionally abused, I should remember that Iโ€™m not the happy girl,

Who falls in love with prince charming in the movie (not that it canโ€™t happen ๐Ÿ˜‰

But if you could look past the feelings for a while, past the large โ€œloveโ€ banner,

Youโ€™ll see the sin in that scene:

They kissed before they knew each other!

She got laid before she got married to him!

Whatโ€™s with all the kissing in front of all those people?

No-one wants to know if youโ€™re in love or not!

So if she loves him, she doesnโ€™t have to run off like that and leave the taxi driver unpaid.


You movie guys canโ€™t fool me,

I see beyond your creative imagination,

You lie to me when you end your movie in a โ€œhappy ever afterโ€

How do we know that they wonโ€™t die the moment theyโ€™re off the screen?

Or get bored of each other and get a divorce?

I love true love and all that sass, but please, spare my feelings I donโ€™t need a heart wreck!
Inspired by: โ€œThe Holiday Movieโ€

Main chic: Cameron Diaz

Let’s Toast!

To broken families that didn’t break us,
Hey, let’s toast to that!
To our forlorn lovers who left too soon,
Hey, let’s toast to that!

To the bad hair day and that shabby pair of pants,
Hey, let’s toast to that!
To that Physics class that tore our brains apart,
Hey, let’s toast to that!

To sleepless nights on empty tummies,
Hey, let’s toast to that!
To the dreams we carry and the hope we have,
Hey, let’s toast to that!

To the little things we do in great ways,
Hey, let’s toast to that!
To the failures and successes, and everything in between,
Hey, let’s toast to that!

To the sickly winters and the burnt out summers,
Hey, let’s toast to that!
To the days we smirk in attempts to smile,
Hey, let’s toast to that!

To wounds and bruises and cuts and scars,
Hey, let’s toast to that!
To every moment unwasted while seeking inspiration,
Hey, let’s toast to that!

To the Maker of the earth who mends broken hearts,
Hey, let’s toast to that!
To cycles and patterns that turn waste to gold,
Hey, let’s toast to that!

To the mountains before us and the broken oars,
Hey, let’s toast to that!
To the sky- out limit and the birds with which we flock,
Hey, let’s toast to that!

To things we say that almost make some sense,
Hey, let’s toast to that!
To choosing fate and faith over fame,
Hey, let’s toast to that!


My house was full of corpses!

This is how it started:

I was outside chit chatting with my friends. We were teasing Tracy on how chubbier she’d gotten over the holiday. She kept denying it, looking at the mirror, gurgling air then loosing it. Giggles. More giggles. I had enough of that, so I left the girls for an evening nap. “People” say that afternoon naps make someone prettier- a sleeping beauty. Anyway, that’s merely consoling myself for being lazy and not setting my hands to do a better task.

I noticed that I’d placed my “WELCOME” doormat upside down but was too lazy to adjust it. I was halfway through the door when something caught my attention. I had left the fish on the table and wasn’t done scaling it. I lazily picked the knife up and resumed the scaling.

You know how people curve their names on a tree during a date. Poor trees. It’s surprising how people carry knives on a date though. If you’re thinking I’m out of topic you’re wrong. That was a story about a knife and I was holding one in my hand while scaling the fish. Now clearly those two knives- though from different dish racks- are still in the same family. Same species, I believe. Okay, break is over!

I must’ve been thinking about that when I decided to take a nap on the sofa. I’m not sure that I washed my hands off fish guts but that’s what people with guts in life do- another consolation for being lazy. I slept in fish guts- that reminds me of Jonah and the big fish. Sorry people, let’s get our minds back to the fish in my kitchen and the guts on my hands.

The next thing I remember was a buzzing noise. I turned over and I felt something on my face. Something small and destructive. Noisy, annoying, loud, aggravating, persistent, irritating, and awakening! It woke me up, but my eyes were still closed, I tried opening them, till I had to. I could not believe my eyes, so I closed them again. Too bad my ears were still open so I could neither ignore the nuisance nor turn a blind eye anymore.

If you’ve watched the movie “Snakes on the Plane” you wouldn’t have a clue of  what “Flies in the Room” was about except for that they both fly. Flies on the table, flies on the fish, flies everywhere. It dawned on me that I’d left the door open and all the flies in the neighbourhood were having a par-tey๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ซ. They probably thought I was on a sleepover at one of their folks invite.

I ran out to my next door neighbour who has insect repellent- I should probably get one too. I will someday- when I grow up. Pssssshhh! Pssssshhh! Pssssshhh! Pssssshhh! One more last time- pssssshhh!

My house was full of corpses!

Lesson: Don’t be fishy.๐ŸŸ