Sitting across the table,

He was looking at me,

No, he was actually staring at me,

Then ogling at me,

So I said that I’d pay the bill,

But he wouldn’t stop.

The cake was sweet I must confess,

You know me and cakes…

I was stuffing it down my throat,

I looked up and he changed his face,

“Excuse me”, I said.

“My cake seems sweeter than yours.”

That was a lie,

We were eating the same type of cake,

Except for, I was faster.

When I was halfway done,

I picked it right up,

Licked the icing right out,

Set it down again and kept eating,

I didn’t look up this time.

Afraid of any alarming looks.

Let’s cut to the chase:

I finished my cake,

(I mean every bit of it),

Licked my lips-

Actually didn’t use my serviette.

That’s when he spoke.

This time round, he had a troubled look.

So I asked,”What’s wrong?”

“You just ate the ring!” He said.

“I only had one piece of cake,

Not all the cakes in that ring!” I protested.

“Not that kind of ring,

I mean the engagement ring.” He cried.

What followed was really sentimental,

Especially on his part,

I got a week of bananas,

It’s like probation,

So I could get his ring back,

In the meantime, he was engaged to my stomach,

And in charge of getting me bananas.

Did I mention that I love bananas?

(I’m eating one right now).

Poor guy, he should’ve known,

if that ring was in my kales,

He’d have a chance to marry me,

But now he couldn’t,

I’m just glad I ate that gem.


_Liz Mish Poetry_