Suicide runs in my family. My uncle jumped over a bridge and drowned when I was a kid. Then years later, my big sister followed, she died in the hospital with the doctors giving CPR on a dead body. The only things she left behind were bills, tears, and a son. And maybe a bit […]

A Weed Party

I had a little garden, A garden my dad gave me, Gave me ‘fore he died. I went to see my garden, My garden in the countryside, The country green and lush. So I tilled my garden, My garden till it cleared, Cleared up all the weeds. I brought some seeds with me, Of ‘tatoes […]

Writing off Fears

Writing off Fears There is not a day, That I did not plan, To sit and write a poem. Why? There always has been, One topic- too many, Hoarded here at heart. Yet I did not write, For I fear my words, Might come piercing back. I’ve heard some say, Words ruin good things, I’ve […]