A September Love

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When mornings grew chillier,
And the air grew mistier,
Grass blades had gathered dew,
And the short rains begun.

They met and quickly fell
In love ‘fore they could tell,
Words were said,
Promises new made.

To the mall they went,
To the cinema halls,
Merry were the days,
Cheery the chilly days.

And while the short rains lasted,
No they did not last,
Thus much their days of love,
Before the sun dried all.


Woke Up To A Bad Dream


I woke up from deep sleep,
Terrified by a bad dream,
Looked around,
The room was well-lit
The curtains drawn,
Was it midday?
And oh, “This is not my room!”

I, puzzled as can be
Put on sandals, rushed  outside,
“What is this?”
Was I wearing a dress?
The type they give to patients.
But why?
Was I really sick?
Who’s to tell!

The streets half empty,
Their faces strapped with masks,
I noticed one around my neck,
The humans-
Walking fast,
Was I dead?
Was I a ghost?
So I pinched myself.
Alive, but numb.

I woke up on a sick bed,
In a sick dress,
To a sick world,
When I just about called home,
I couldn’t find my phone,
So I went back,
Just then,
My alarm rang,
I woke up in my own bed,
I woke up to a sick world,
And in my own skin,
But everything felt like a dream.