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I want you Lord,
To be near me,
I know you art near,
If only that’d sink in me.

I want to know,
Daily to be led by you,
You are the way,
I need you.

There are days like this,
When I’m not sure if I’m walking with Him,
Your sent helper – the Holy Spirit,
But I keep trusting that He’s in me.

I need you Lord,
To remind me what’s important,
It looks like I’ve been all about trusting you,
I have slumbered at your feet.

I want to know,
If I did become comfortable,
Cause I’m not sure what I’m doing,
In case I’m asleep, startle me.

I want you Lord,
More than I want a friend,
More than I desire a human,
I desire you evermore.

I am here singing songs to you,
Songs about you,
Songs you put in hearts of saints,
But this too doesn’t satisfy, only you.

I desire you Lord,
Jesus if you could speak,
Do it like you always do, Lord,
Let me know what’s required of me.

Jesus I am weak,
Please be strength to me,
Jesus I am but a man,
A shadow in a campfire.

I want you Lord,
Speaking every moment,
For this reason I’m toning down,
So I can hear your messages.

Surely you are not far from me,
You are showing me the way,
Help me see and comprehend,
Open my heart and my mind.

I will be here Lord,
Reading your Word and listening,
Don’t leave me I plead,
I’m a stubborn one but please stay.