STIRRINGS 2: This Could Be It!

Few days ago,
Less than a week or so,
There seemed to be a flow,
Of hoarded love into another’s,
Like pollen on anthers,
Some sticking togethern’s,
I wish I could say it’s subtle,
But that was then,
When I felt like a broken bottle,
Or bone-brittle,
Just vulnerable alittle,
To love and then be an item;
Or rather be loved.
But how so I recovered!
From a negative to a nought,
How fast He restored,
All after I had prayed,
So that there’s calmness,
Alittle more than boldness,
A hopeful assuredness,
A little craziness?
Uncertain maybe-ness?

That this could be it!
How fast I got this lit,
Don’t have the slightest hint,
Like my heart is red with a tint
Transition minute as a pint
A gradual fraction of change.

The girl in my heart-room,
She left the door open,
Must’ve been that,
For much has happened since,
She last watched the other leave.
She sat there a little disappointed,
After the other left,
Unsure of whether he’d return.
Another unlike him liked her,
And she had once liked him too,
So she stood up,
He wasn’t sure he’d stay,
She wasn’t either,
She still isn’t,
Her face, now brighter, smiles.
Rather glows with tint,
For a while she hadn’t,
She’d been waiting upon,
For the Maker’s resolute,
She was once restless,
But now thinks…
This could be it!