How you speak and sing,
In the very same line,
Vibrato! Vibrato!
If I say what I think,
And you shout a “me too”,
Vibrato! Vibrato!
It’s when you listen,
Pay attention to my noise,
Vibrato! Vibrato!
And when you smile,
A full blown smile-
Vibrato! Vibrato!
You’re making me laugh,
Stop cracking my ribs,
With vibrato! It’s vibrato!
And soon I just might run,
Across those grassy fields,
In a rather vibrant way,
Till you hear the music ring.


Find a Good Life.

Spend time with Happiness,
Sit and share with Kindness,
Sometimes take a walk with Joy,
And go on a date with Love,
Play a game with Laughter,
Then sing a song with Truth,
And you will see Honesty right there,
Let your every stop be Love,
Your every move be Peace,
Your secret spice Forbearance,
And you will find a good life.