Like Children

We’re not children anymore,

Though I wish we were.

We’re not innocent as we were.

We have become a fraud.

We lie and give fake smiles.

Say things we don’t really mean.

We fool around and mess up hearts.

Because we’re selfish.

Too lazy to care.

Let’s be children for a while,

If for once we’ll tell the truth,

Talk our hearts out,

Say things as they are,

Let’s forgive because we love,

And show up as we really are,

Yes let’s show our faces,

Our real imperfect faces.

We can put down our masks,

And the fake names that we’ve taken.


8 thoughts on “Like Children

  1. Great one! We need to be real with no masks to be able to forgive, to love with no traces of selfishness within.

    May you continue impacting the world this way and more.

    Liked by 1 person

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