I Stand Below A Streetlight.

I stand below a street light

Exceedingly terrified of darkness

I shiver in the cold of night

As I look for a way out of this wilderness.
Just yesterday we were happily ‘married’

But now it seems the devil put us asunder

There’s much pain, not just from my face that’s marred,

My heart is broken, to heal I’ll need a wonder.
I’ve heard there’s a God who mends the broken

I have a major wound that’s bleeding

I try to say a prayer hoping He’ll listen

In the meantime, I can’t stop myself from crying
I’ve heard it many times alright

That it’s wrong to live with my boyfriend

But love drove me crazy- I couldn’t wait

Besides, it seemed okay, it’s the trend.
Why would he even kick me out!

What happened to the promises we made?

There’s so much pain, I wish I could shout

I feel like the world’s staring, this is bad.
There is no condemnation…

I feel condemned

This is my confession

I know I’ve sinned.
Fish me out of this depression

Use whatever way dear Jesus

I’m in a desert of suppression

Save me from myself.

2 thoughts on “I Stand Below A Streetlight.

  1. A fantastic job here. Her vulnerability and openness makes her so beautiful. And that is exactly how she will get out of this painful experience. I love, love, love the persona.

    Liked by 1 person

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