Woke Up To A Bad Dream


I woke up from deep sleep,
Terrified by a bad dream,
Looked around,
The room was well-lit
The curtains drawn,
Was it midday?
And oh, “This is not my room!”

I, puzzled as can be
Put on sandals, rushed  outside,
“What is this?”
Was I wearing a dress?
The type they give to patients.
But why?
Was I really sick?
Who’s to tell!

The streets half empty,
Their faces strapped with masks,
I noticed one around my neck,
The humans-
Walking fast,
Was I dead?
Was I a ghost?
So I pinched myself.
Alive, but numb.

I woke up on a sick bed,
In a sick dress,
To a sick world,
When I just about called home,
I couldn’t find my phone,
So I went back,
Just then,
My alarm rang,
I woke up in my own bed,
I woke up to a sick world,
And in my own skin,
But everything felt like a dream.


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