Stop making a name for yourself.

(They say pride comes before a fall.)
Behold,  this man I am!

A fully actualised being,

Fully unbound to the limit

Good enough a son to Ma and Pa,

I scored good grades at school you know-

Sufficient to cover up for Math
Then society made demands…

At first in whispers- haunting mumbles

Society wanted me better- rebranded

That’s how I ended up here.

So I’m holding this meeting,

And though it’s just me, the voices are too many

This debate is doubtlessly deafening.
These voices, pleasant at first,

They sing in chorus-

“Show them what you got!”

Then,”You can do it!”

Later,”You’re the best!”

And now, “Who can boggle you?”

They sing a little chant,

Pushing me to be more-

To be great, go out there

Show the world what I got.
And though I have much

To send the world agog

To offset the set records-

I realise that it’s all me, me, me-

It’s no more than a project for fame,

To make known The Beat I got,

Till I’ve set The Trend in town

It’s about being a Mheshimiwa

So I’m here nkijiTahidi High,

To win trophies and awards
So I woke up one day,

Wanna know what the Lord said?

“It all belongs to me,

I could take it away in a wink,

A blink of an eye, a snapping of the finger,

But I have chosen not to,

I could sweep you off earth’s surface,

They’d eventually forget you,

But I have chosen not to.”

Right before I woke up,

I was ashamed but I hid it,

But this is what the voice says,

“STOP! Stop making a name for yourself!”

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